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Everything I know… is E-GO, I-GO, and the SAINT I don’t have to explain!
The word EGO has not so much positive meaning. My parents and many people around me have told me that I am selfish, and I am egoist. And finally, after many years, I realized that it was not such a bad term.
What’s wrong with loving yourself and choosing what you want?
I was always nice and calm, but rather rebellious. I always did what I wanted and how I thought without compromise. Sometimes it was embarrassing.
These were decisions against the expectations of my family, relatives, other people… mass-consciousness.
Everyone around me told me that I can not always do what I like. But that’s what I did. I did not accept compromises in my life. How can you settle for something that you do not want?
Whenever I did not like something, I went away with a BIG BANG!
OK. I did not always leave my own will sometimes they just kicked me out from some places.
I did not like the school, I dropped it. I disagreed with the religion, in which I was brought up, I dropped it! I got divorced, because I understood that the marriage scheme was long overdue. I do not need documents to be loved. I can not be owned by anyone forever. I also tried many spiritual groups I hoped that they will tell me something more about me. But it always ended saying “Enough!” and “I GO”, I do not want it anymore.
I choose myself, my choice, not the choice of others!
Being conscious, enlightened being means leaving mass consciousness and remembering who you really are.
Telling everyone and everything “I-GO!”.
I am that I am! I am what I choose to be! And so it is… that’s how consciousness and energy works! It’s not even spirituality or some kind of magic, it’s just physics.
I am the creator of my life! I decide for myself. I create my reality by making conscious choices.
I do not wait for something to happen in my life. I change it!
And so it is… I call myself SAINT EGOIST.
I do not want to be recognized as another spiritual teacher who repeats the obvious. It is a bit boring. Being a conscious master is something amazing, a great adventure of experiencing life, and there is no space for ceremonies and serious spiritual practices, gurus, healthy eating without meat. This is very old. Let say it… spiritual BS. It’s time for it to fall apart and let in some freshness!
I invite you to a great adventure, the best thing that can happen on this Earth is the Awakening of Consciousness. And this is really happening now. We live in an age where there are computers, internet, artificial intelligence and robots, but this is NOTHING compared to CHANGE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. From a thinking human to a conscious and wise HUMAN BEING. This revolution happens silently is invisible to many. But that’s really happening.
We live in great times. The change of consciousness is inevitable and everyone will pass through it sometime.
Let me be your earthy guide who can tell you how it is living life in a new consciousness.
I don’t want to teach you anything. I just want to show you a potential that it is possible.
And if everything falls apart around you, it’s a great sign that there is a change, not something that needs to be sustained or fixed.
When I went through the worst things in my life, I thought I was going to die, or I was completely crazy, I just wanted to hear from someone that everything is OK and see someone who also went through it.
It’s great that you’re reading this. Enjoy my new website and have a fun!
~Saint Egoist
  • fish76h@centurytel.net

    I like your new webpage. i’m with you,, after spending over 35 years as a minister profit and teacher in a Christian religion. For that 35 years of my life everybody was lost, broken, and on their way to hell unless they were saved by,” the blood of Jesus”all during those years I felt in my soul that something was wrong with that message and I left religion in 2000. It had been my job to fix them to save them and by all means keep them out of the hellfire. Out of the 7.4 billion humans on this earth many of their souls are waking up and returning to the human counterpart. And now my mantra is just “leave everyone the fuck hell alone.” everyone’s journey is unique. it is the soul’s response to get its human where it needs to be when it needs to be and in whatever condition. NICE JOB.

  • Christiane Welk

    Hi Hubert, just sharing my celebrating Your new website name, as for the first time , I got it and can see and allow my own truth , cheering being egoist.I read the name Saint Egoist and had a fat smile in my face.

    1. Saint Egoist

      Thank you Christiane for your always friendly words and support! I have now seen your website, I read it willingly! Hugs!

  • Iam Jaziel

    Hello Hubert…
    Welcome Saint Egoist into my world, finally there is someone else here that I can resonate with. As you know I am a Spiritual Pirate and like you, I say Fuck this Spiritual BS, it is nothing else then “new religious”(belief systems) norms and it has nothing to do with freedom. And yes it takes some kind of craziness to let it go of it all, tho it is not as difficult as it seems, it is just another death.
    And that brings me/you all of us that choose it into a new life, into freedom.

    Thank you for bringing this back to me this morning, it is lovely to read and feel that I am not alone, so welcome Saint Egoist into my world.

    My true Love is me, and my creation 🙂

    1. Saint Egoist

      For a long time I tend to be too much polite. But as you said. I feel my true nature of a pirate. We undermine everything that is, all definitions, we let go of everything! Thank you Jaziel! It’s a pure joy to know you!

      1. Iam Jaziel


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