Bench with ME!

This is a resting room for all my dear friends! Let’s meet together here to sit on the master’s bench. Let’s take a good deep breath and just be here!

No more questions, no whining…

This dimensional room is real and it’s not a joke. Do not be fooled by your mind. There are really many great beings here! Just open yourself and do not think about it. Just feel it, breath it, and relax!

You are welcome to leave below your message for other visitors here!

Have a fun! I am always here!

  • Oreon

    I hear your words – Relax into calmness.. This place.. is in moment of unfolding, so deep, it radiates with me so much about the last second 11:59:59 where There are no more questions left, just realisation sitting here in experience and knowing that its just unfolding, so dark and so bright it makes it so rich experience, seeing The unfolding to Truth. Emerging from the dark to the truth The last second.. Happy you shared this space Brother!

    1. Saint Egoist

      You are welcome Oreon, dear Friend! Thank you for sharing your insights!

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