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Hello beloved friends! 

This is my first entry in the MOONthly updates category. I will publish here what are the upcoming potentials, which has a chance to show up at this time. I hope you will enjoy it!

JANUARY was the month of establishing new things, starting new ventures. It was a moment of reset and finally a decision. It was time to ask ourselves what we want in the new year and then choose the upcoming potentials.
Many times we wanted something, we dreamed about something, but we did not make a final decision. Maybe we waited for something special to happen in our lives, but nothing happened. This is life in stagnation. Life in fear of change. It was a month where we had to cleanse ourselves from fear, from our emotional issues, which limit our decisions flowing from the depths of our souls and hearts.
Emotional cleansing of many of us has allowed us to clearly look at our lives and finally choose the direction we want to follow in harmony with ourselves. That was the foundation for the rest of this year.


February seems to be a much calmer month. There is finally time to be able to enjoy who you are and do what you love. You made your choices, everything now serves you. It will be a month where we will be able to feel the lightness of life, joy. Because we finally got rid of the burden of unnecessary things that we dragged with us for years. We will feel lightly, because we will have the clarity of what we do. 
Getting rid of thick layers of unnecessary things gives a sense of nakedness, being more sensitive and sensual. Lack of things to which we were very used, although we did not necessarily like them.

Being sensitive, sensual allows us to feel a lot of things, but that does not mean that everything we feel is ours. It is important to be able to feel things that are truly ours, and not those that come behind the mass consciousness, and fears of others.
Yes, yes, nakedness… I would forget that February is a month of love, so nudity, delicacy, sensitivity is the most desirable at this time!
This month may be a tendency to return to old patterns. But we have done so many times that it is high time to stop it!
We know everything, we just pretend we do not know. Time to trust yourself and stop finally having doubts.

Saint Egoist
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    😎 was feeling it too 🎶

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